Fr. Mel Monreal
Pastor of St. Michael's Parish

Welcome to Saint Michael's Parish!

Our parish is vibrant, loving, and compassionate! I hope you will take some time to review our website and see the many groups, ministries, and organizations found here at St. Michael's Parish.

We believe that Christ is the center of all that we do. Please join us in our common mission to follow Jesus and proclaim his goodness.

Mass Times

Weekend Mass


5:30 p.m.


7:15 a.m. | 9:00 a.m. | 10:45 a.m. | 12:30 p.m. | 5:30 p.m.

Daily Mass

Monday - Friday:

7:30 a.m. | 9:00 a.m.


7:30 a.m.


Fall Festival Booth Ticket Costs

Entertainment Booths

School Game Booths

Kat Rack 2 Tickets
Skool Ball 2 Tickets
Rainbow Toss 1 Ticket
Bingo Bonanza 1 Ticket
Noah’s Ark and Bakery 1 Ticket
Lollipop Pull 1 Ticket
Go Fish 1 & 2 Tickets
Piggy Sprint 2 Tickets
Irish Bingo 2 Tickets
Scarecrow Toss 1 & 2 Tickets
Popcorn Garden 2 Tickets
Pirates of Poway 2 Tickets
Fire in Hole 2 Tickets
Slide 1 Ticket
Lord of Rings 1 & 2 Tickets
Hair Salon 5 Tickets

Fetival Attractions

Ferris Wheel 8 Tickets
Laser Tag (Before 6 PM) 6 Tickets
Laser Tag (After 6 PM) 8 Tickets
Toddler Land 4 Tickets
Escape Room (On Stage) 10 Tickets
Escape Room (Floor Level) 8 Tickets
Inflatable Slide 2 Tickets
Face Painting 10+ Tickets

Food Booths

American Booth #1

Hamburger/Cheeseburger 9 Tickets
Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers with Chips 11 Tickets
Hot Dog 6 Tickets
Hot Dog & Chips 8 Tickets
Chili Dog & Chips 9 Tickets
Corn Dog 6 Tickets
Nachos (Regular or Spicy) 8 Tickets
Nachos with Chili 10 Tickets
Chips (Variety) 3 Tickets

American Booth #2

Regular Fries 8 Tickets
Chicken Tenders (Basket) - One Size 10 Tickets

Sugar Shack

Baked Goodies 2-6 Tickets
Popcorn 2 Tickets
Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate 3 Tickets
Cotton Candy 4 Tickets
Candy Corn 1 Ticket

Filipino Booth

Plate #1
4 Lumpia, 1 Chicken Adobo, Pancit & Steamed Rice
18 Tickets
Plate #2
4 Lumpia, 1 Chicken Adobo & Pancit
16 Tickets
Plate #3
4 Lumpia, 1 Chicken Adobo, 1/2 Pancit & 1/2 Rice
15 Tickets
Chicken Adobo 5 Tickets
2 each
3 Tickets
Pancit 5 Tickets
Rice 2 Tickets

Italian Booth

Pepperoni, Cheese or Veggie
7 Tickets
Meatball Sub Sandwich 13 Tickets
Spaghetti & Meatball Plate 13 Tickets

Mexican Booth (with Salsa Bar)

Taco Combo Plate
Two tacos (Chicken, Carnitas or Carne Asada), rice & beans
13 Tickets
Street Taco
Chicken, Carnitas or Carne Asada
6 Tickets
Rice (A La Carte) 3 Tickets
Beans (A La Carte) 3 Tickets

Margarita Booth ("On The Rocks")

Blood Orange Margarita 8 Tickets
Strawberry Margarita 8 Tickets
Skinny Lime Margarita 8 Tickets
Organic Lime Margarita 8 Tickets

German Booth - Brat Haus

Bratwurst Sandwich
One Brat on a Roll with Sauerkraut
9 Tickets
Bratwurst Plate
2 Brats on a Plate with German Potato Salad, Sauerkraut and a Pickle Spear
13 Tickets
Warm Soft Pretzel 6 Tickets

Beer Garden

Beer 8 Tickets
Wine 8 Tickets
Cider 8 Tickets

Mission Statement

As members of St. Michael's Parish, we accept the responsibility and challenge of maintaining a welcoming Catholic Community, in which the message of Jesus is alive and proclaimed through our worship, education and service to others.

New to St. Michael's?

We want to meet you! Stop by the hospitality booth after Mass on the second weekend of every month and introduce yourself.

If you need to register as a member of the parish, just print and fill out a registration form and bring it into the parish office.