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The Mainstay of Church!

How do I get to know others in the parish? How can I feel like I belong?  Sharing one's God-given gifts is THE best way to step up one's participation in the parish family!  At St. Michael's we call our volunteers "ministers," whether they are teaching Religious Education classes or selling doughnuts or visiting the sick.

Identifying our God-given gifts can be an easy thing.  What is it that you most like to do?  What is it that is a joy for you?  What is it that you have always wanted to do, but may not know how?  A person's desire to serve is the first big step.  The next step is to see what is needed and to decide where one's gifts and energies are going to go, how much time is involved, etc.

Remember:  Many hands make a big job light.  You are Christ's hands...!  Contact the ministry leader for up to the minute needs and then jump in!

And, WELCOME to St. Michael's parish family! 


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